Monday 18 November 2013

Today is a Victory.

Things are HAPPENING.

It’s one of those rare and precious days where even the predicted worst parts turn out well.

I had victories today, people. VICTORIES. The kind that you want to show off at school reunions.

I had personal victories, the kind where you thank the powers above that there’s someone looking out for you.

I had romantic victories, too; the kind that bring you closer together and make the whole world feel sweet.

I had victories in my journey, in my battles and against my naysayers. 

This week is one where I inadvertently scheduled no less than two missions/battles per day; so far, I’m standing on a mountain of the bodies of my vanquished foes, be they people or personal demons.

Tonight I will curl up in my warm house while the sparkling wet snow blizzards around us outside. I will bury my face in the warm fur of my puppy; I will rest my head on the shoulder of my sidekick; I will close my eyes with happy thoughts of accomplishments and new potentials. Tomorrow may bring other battles, other foes, other evils; let them come. They cannot take away today.

Sometimes one has to live for the brief moments of peace that are nestled between each battle…the commas in the long sentence of life. They are rarely long pauses, more like short opportunities to catch your breath.

I caught my breath today and it was grand.


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