Sunday 3 November 2013

Sunday Wrap-Up: Muffin Tops, Hormones, Lingerie, and Puppies.

This is my Sunday Wrap-Up of news and trivia:

1. MUFFIN TOP NEEDS YOU. Remember I posted here about the indie rom-com called Muffin Top? How this movie was going to be amazing, and had the potential to revolutionize Hollywood, so long as we could raise enough funds to take it on tour? Well, we’ve got 19 days left on the Kickstarter. We’ve raised over 30% of our goal so far, but if we don’t get the rest funded before the end of the 19 days, we have to give every cent back. So please, go read the post or go straight to the Kickstartersite, and donate whatever you can. This movie deserves it. The women you know who struggle with self-worth and body image are worth it. Go.

Here's a video about the movie that'll make you laugh: 

2. THE PUPPY IS NUTS. I’ve got news for you: raising a super-smart breed like and Aussie Shepherd is almost identical to raising a two year-old. The nice thing is that I can occasionally stick the dog in a crate and let him unwind a bit, whereas sticking a two year-old human in a crate is this huge problem and authorities will be called.

3. I’M STRESSED WITH GRATITUDE. I’ve been doing a lot of freelance and exploring a lot of avenues the last few months, and I’m sort of at this crossroads where numerous seeds are about to bloom into fruitful things…and somehow this is stressing me out almost more than when they weren’t blooming. I’m nervous because once these projects start bearing fruit, I’m probably going to be choosing one and heading down that path; and that’s scary, to choose one path and pursue it. I’ll have to ponder this before I can really communicate this feeling. All I can tell you is that I saw this quote on Facebook the other day and it made me excited and panicky at the same time:

4. I’M HORMONAL. Yesterday I had a gut ache, so for some reason I ate most of a party-sized bag of pizza-flavoured lentil chips, then a giant chocolate cookie, then accused Alan of adding fabric softener to the laundry because his shirt smelled too good. Then I realized that if this isn’t PMS, I may actually be losing control of my faculties.

5. LOTS OF EVENTS ARE COMING. I’m excited about the Ottawa Pet Expo because I enjoy showing off Corben (and you can win some tickets, ya’ll); also there’s another Ladies’ Night coming up at The Comic Book Shoppe, hosted by the Capital Geek Girls, and I’ll talk more about that tomorrow. And I’ve written every local craft show onto my calendar, and I realized I will not possibly make it to all of them—and I hate that.

6. SHOPPING SUCKS. I went to the mall and tried to find some new sweaters, only to discover that there is absolutely nothing good out this season, unless you like leggings and boxy sweaters. And since I was around for the 80s the FIRST TIME, I have no interest in these things so I left with nothing. I did stick my head into the grand opening of Victoria’s Secret (the first in Ottawa), but I was horrified to discover that the 80s resurgence includes lingerie: I saw dolphin short-like teddies and all manner of ruffle-hemmed nightmare. They had some padding-free bras which I wanted to try on, but the music was so loud that I was having flashbacks to the panic attack I had when I saw Saving Private Ryan in theatres. Which I think means I’m officially too old to go shopping.

And to think, this is just the start of the week.

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