Friday 1 November 2013

Bank Street BIA Zombie Invasion: wrap-up!

The Bank Street BIA’s zombie walk happened Hallowe’en day, and despite the rain, it was a ghoulish fete. 

Zombies; Mayor Watson; La Prep was HQ; swiping cards; and a seriously scary lone zombie!

All three grand prizes were handed out to happy Bank Street shoppers who now have giant shopping sprees to enjoy. Well over a hundred zombies lined the street, threatening to munch on pedestrians and handing out key cards for the prize coffins. A flash mob, courtesy of the Capital Pride zombie contingent, stole the show around La Prep where drag queen Sapphire Champagne was hosting.

Flash mob; Corben makes zombie friends; bride and groom zombie; Sapphire Champagne

We visited various businesses who were participating in the day’s festivities; Planet Botanix offered tarot card readings (mine were very positive!) and The Comic Book Shoppe lent me a lightsaber umbrella to stay dry. We attempted to stave off the zombie invasion with an inflatable Dalek, but to no avail.

Zombie barrista Steve denies me my Pumpkin Spice Latte!

It was a fun way to spend Hallowe’en afternoon, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the Bank Street BIA comes up with next year!

Follow them:

Corben chews a foot; Kevin from Stroked Ego looks monstrous; Zombie Steve creeps eerily forward!

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