Thursday 7 November 2013

Muffin Top Shakes Corporate Hollywood (kinda)...

This post is short. It's really just a brag.

Did you see this video about the Muffin Top movie kickstarter campaign? (I blogged about Muffin Top here, and you should totally catch up if you don't know what I'm talking about...)

I made that video for the campaign! Well, me and a fella I hired, obviously. I still have more hair than that, though I do regularly pull mine out. Point is, I'm really proud of it because it's making people laugh and share and donate. And that makes me feel awesome. Oh yeah, and W Bruce Cameron AND Cathryn Michon (best-selling authors and producers of the film) called me awesome. There's a lot of awesome happening.

The Muffin Top Kickstarter is going so well, with over $35,000 raised...but here's the catch. We're halfway through, and about 50% funded, and if we don't reach our goal, the Kickstarter rules state that all the money is lost: all $35,000+ goes back to the donors. So then we literally have NO money to take the Muffin Top movie on the road.

So help out, will ya? Spread the word (here's a helpful 'how to'), and maybe even donate. Even $5.00 helps, because the more pledges we have, the more Kickstarter sees us as popular, and the more they promote us to their regulars.

You're gonna love the movie, folks. Here's the trailer again, just in case you missed it:

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