The owner of this blog doesn’t share your personal information with third parties. Now, be smart about it: if we host a contest with another blog or business, there may be sharing of info specific to that offer. But we’re not sending our mailing list out to the evil headquarters of the telemarketing world. Your information is used for the purposes identified at the time that you give it to us. Any emails given to us may be added to our newsletter mailing list; but you can always opt out.


We reserve the right to screen blog comments. Here are some reasons your post may not go up:

1. Your comment seems spammy.
2. Your language is profane, sexist, homophobic, racist, or hateful.
3. You’re being offensive, douchey, or a putz.
4. Your comments are attacking.


All the content of this blog is for informational purposes only. The writer, and her contributors, make no grand statements of being doctors, scientists, lawyers, or other geniusy types—unless clearly indicated, I suppose. And even then, none of us can be your personal guru without knowing you, your history and how you are crafting your destiny. So we are not liable for errors, omissions, injuries, or damages from the display or use of what is on the blog. For example, if we talk about how walnuts are really good for you, and you eat them even though you have a walnut allergy, we’re not liable for your lapse in logical judgement. PS. Maybe buy an epi pen, if you're that kind of adventurous.

Everything on this blog is a work of fiction or fictionalized. These ramblings are highly biased, tinted with personal perspective and satire at all times, and rarely would be considered factual enough to, say, be useful to an historian one day. Similarities to stories you’ve heard, people you’ve met, etc etc etc is coincidental. Nothing on here is intended to be cold, hard fact. This is a personal blog with tales shared from the twisted chasms of my memory, coloured by my own experiences and imagination. If you’re upset by something on here, you may be taking it too seriously, and it might be a good time to DIY some of your own perspectives.

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