About G,C

GIRL, CRAFTED is a blog of awesomeness.
Jordan Danger, blogger of G,C

The motto here:
Do stuff
Make stuff
Love stuff.
This blog is about way more than literal crafting. It's about crafting oneself, DIY-style. It's about getting your hands dirty--sometimes with dirt, sometimes with tears, and sometimes with scalding hot glue gun glue.

Doing stuff is all about getting out, adventuring, travelling, and trying things. It's all done by a girl (moi) who has trouble with anxiety, crowds, and germs, so it's sometimes a wee bit daunting...but it will no doubt be entertaining. If there's something you'd like to see GIRL, CRAFTED doing, then by all means, send an email to jordandangerwrites@gmail.com and tell us.

GIRL, CRAFTED is about DIY'ing the heck out of life. This can mean crafts, or to-do lists, or friends, or just 'make change'. GIRL, CRAFTED is also about Jordan making Jordan: making a new, better self. Sometimes with tragic or comedic results.

We also look for creativity in others, and take the time to encourage it; so we visit and support a lot of independent businesses, artisans, bakers, bloggers, and more. There's also a lot of food, because food is awesome--both making it, and eating it.


 Jordan authored two massively successful blogs before GIRL, CRAFTED, and has contributed to various others. Her goal: to write genuine, engaging content that's so good, eventually she'll be able to stay home and do it all day. Because business clothes suck, and she'd rather sit around wearing her pyjama pants, a snorkel, and one cowboy boot, while she types away. And listens to a mixed tape of marching band anthems and Coldplay albums. And eats baker's chocolate because that's all that's left in the house and the manager got mad last time she went into the grocery store wearing her snorkel and only one boot.

Jordan Danger is:
-rather surprisingly and abruptly separated--the catalyst for this new blog
-a crafter and painter
-amateur chef
-an anxietal but enthusiastic traveler
-a dog fanatic
-a new homeowner
-a marketing and social media specialist
-a writer, blogger, and storyteller
-a slightly neurotic OCD sufferer with a spider phobia
-a hater of onions
-loving partner to one sweet man, and scared-senseless "instant mom" of two little humans.

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