Wednesday 20 November 2013

Our Muffin Top is HUGE, and we thank you.

Remember the Muffin Top movie I've been helping to promote?

Tonight, we reached and exceeded our goal of $75,000 raised on Kickstarter. Thanks to you awesome people, we've got enough funds to take this movie to select theatres across the continent, as it is also distributed electronically by 'on demand' services, iTunes, etc.

I have been proud to be a part of this project, but also terrified, panicked, and desperate. The thing about Kickstarter is, if you don't reach your goal, you lose every penny. It's been a nailbiter, but with two days to go, we've blasted past $75,000. Which is good, because one single bounced credit card can drop you below your goal, and then you lose by default. See how much FUN this has all been?

Except it has been fun. It's been a wonderful rollercoaster where I've been working remotely with some of the coolest, most passionate people in Hollywood; I've burned through two laptops keeping up with this campaign; I've gotten praised for my hard work by a (couple of) bestselling authors; I've witnessed the soulful mourning of our director when we lost one of our stars, Marcia Wallace, a week into the project. This has been a wild ride.

I love how much this project has spoken to people about the importance of taking pride in oneself as a woman, and being yourself. I've seen fans do crazy things with us, like mutually post pictures of their muffin tops and double chins on Facebook, and do so proudly. (My own love handles are up there somewhere.) I've witnessed what I hope is truly the start of a movement of female self-empowerment.

I sound like a bad Oscar speech right now; it's late, and it's been 28 days of insanity and my brain isn't working so good. I think I'll wrap up by sharing a link to a freakin' fabulous documentary I just discovered; it feels like yet another piece in this 'love thyself, grrl!' puzzle. Enjoy your evening. And feel free to keep donating; there's still time and we'll just do more cool stuff with the movie.

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