About the Author

Jordan Danger is a Social Media Specialist at DANGER New Media & Marketing. She is a critically acclaimed blogger, authoring the award-nominated blog Project: Priceless, and Project: NEST. Most recently, this blog (GIRL, CRAFTED) has launched with rave reviews.

Jordan ghost-writes and guest-posts for various other blogs, as well as traditional media sources. She regularly offers consultation on content, branding, and marketing strategies for brands and personalities who are embracing social media. If you'd like to talk to Jordan about new media and marketing, email her!

Jordan is a popular public speaker; she’s been offering training and motivational speaks for well over ten years. If you’d like to chat with her about speaking at your upcoming conference, training, or seminar, please do get in touch.

Jordan is a proud member of the Social Capital Conference planning committee.

You can connect with Jordan via her blog at www.girlcrafted.blogspot.com, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/girlcrafted, or on twitter, under her handle @girlcrafted.

Oh, and yes: she does do her own illustrations for GIRL, CRAFTED. Glad you like 'em. :)

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