Wednesday 13 March 2013

Toronto Comicon: where else can you see three Vaders together?


On Friday we headed out on the five hour drive to hit the Toronto Comicon. I haven't been to a con in Toronto before, so I wasn't sure what to expect, except that it was likely to be large and crowded. I wasn't disappointed.
A portion of the lineup outside.

The organizers estimated there'd be between 65,000-90,000 people in attendance; I have no idea how many ended up showing, but I can tell you that the show was sold out on the first day and the line to get in circled the baseball diamond (the Rogers centre) beside the actual convention centre.

I spent most of my time helping out at the Comic Book Shoppe booth, but when I did get out to look around, I got to see some pretty great sights. I'm just gonna let the photos do the talking here...

Voltron costumes so cool, I just stared in wonder.

Crowded place!

The best Borg I may have ever seen.

A Dr Who Tardis turned Transformer. Much cooler than a normal Tardis.

Some very cool steampunk outfits.

See no Dark Side, hear no Dark Side, Speak no Dark Side.

The infamous 501st, a serious Star Wars fan club.

Behind the scenes of the cosplayers.

Even Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn needs a time out.

Wolverine out on a smoke break...with a cigar, naturally.

Shoppe staff! On the right is the infamous MJ!

Tiny awesome Batman.

Dr Crusher looking fine.

Riker, looking aged but still pretty cool.

Geordi Laforge looking exactly the same as ever. Go, Reading Rainbow!

Adventure Time fans with some zombies. By the end of the con, it was one big crossover.

As wild as Toronto Comicon was, I'm even more excited for Ottawa and Montreal, where I'm gonna actually be warm enough to dress up in costume. Though I kinda wish I had a Voltron costume now...

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