Friday 1 March 2013

Dairy-free cupcakes: week 2 of my dairy fast

Week 2 of consuming no dairy went fine, though it was a bit challenging to get my family on board. It was my birthday weekend, so we bought a dozen cupcakes from the local vegan bakery, Auntie Loo’s. They were dulce de leche, and they were quite delicious.
*I* know they’re good. Auntie Loo’s does such a good job of their vegan baking that I regularly choose their treats over regular non-vegan treats. But people have ideas in their heads that everything vegan is made of sticks, twigs, and flax seed. My dad was particularly sceptical, but here’s his honest reaction:

Better still was my brother-in-law, who has such a funny way of phrasing things:

I will also confess, I made dairy-free chocolate chip-oatmeal muffins at one point with bran and spelt flour, and didn’t tell Dad before he ate them; guess who thought they were great, too?
Dairy-free, turns out, isn’t so bad in terms of missing out on’s just way more frustrating to try finding. I accidentally ate three sea salt n’ malt vinegar Mrs Vickies chips this week before looking on the bag and seeing that they actually add lactose as a specific ingredient. I was furious and disappointed. I appeased myself with candy corn and hickory sticks.

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