Wednesday, 27 March 2013

DO STUFF: Adventure Show and an Interview with Angus Adventures!

This March, I made a trip down to the Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show at the Ernst & Young Centre in Ottawa. I blogged about this show a bit in advance, when I chatted with show's guest speakers Colin and Julie Angus of Angus Adventures. This intrepid couple circumnavigated the globe using only human-powered modes of transportation. I think they're nuts, but turns out, they're also funny, friendly, and generally awesome.

The show was a ton of fun. Usually I've found these types of shows to be a place at which to gather a hundred pamphlets, and then you go home and don't remember anything you've seen. But this show was highly interactive with lots to do. An entire kids apparatus was set up, as well as a climbing wall, a slackline, and a pool for boating demonstrations. But enough text; here's a video of the show:

And for those of who you think the Angus Adventures couple sounds pretty incredible (and they ARE), here's a full in-person chat I had with them. The outtakes at the end are worth the whole watch.

I heartily encourage you to follow the Outdoor & Adventure show on twitter and facebook so you can attend next year, because the show is constantly growing. I also suggest you follow Angus Adventures because they're really, really cool. And while I'd never want to actually do some of the crazy stuff they've done, it's pretty awesome to live vicariously through their stories.

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