Saturday 20 July 2013

My Post is Late. But I've got a Tornado to Explain it.

Those of you following the #GirlCraftedBC adventure may be wondering where the newest post is. It'll
come. I'm a bit delayed because in the last 72 hours I've experienced:

-a case of heat stroke that made me into a shivering ball of nauseated misery--but brought Alan and I closer together, I suppose, as he got to be the one to hold my hand while I was violently ill all evening;

-a near-tornado back home that flooded my basement all over again (four weeks ago the carpet was just replaced and I can't even begin to talk about my frustrations with this);

-Mr Darcy's big leg tumor necrotized (I might be making up that word), got infected, and tried to kill him--and also left a trail of ooze and blood all over my friend's house until I finally begged my parents to drive him to the emergency vet at midnight;

-Just for good measure, I walked into a statue at an art gallery and bruised my knee so badly it's hard to bend...then the next day, I managed to slam my other knee in the car door.

This all makes sense because about 24 hours before everything started going belly-up, Alan and I went on a date night here and left the kids with his sister, and we had a great time and the evening wrapped up with a giant double rainbow-with-sunset lightshow, and I thought, "Man, life is great." I don't know if it's an Irish Catholic thing, but you never ever say something like that, because the next thing to happen will be something that sucks. Well, it sucked.

In between all this insanity, we've managed to do and see some fantastic things, so I will blog shortly on this. But for tonight, I'm just lying back and feeling grateful that I have Alan to hold my hand, my parents with my dog, and a bed in which to stretch out my bruised knees.

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