Wednesday 23 January 2013

Mixed Tape: Clap-Clap...Clap Playlist

Music means a lot to me. It has gotten me through tough times, and it’s augmented the good times. So often, I find music knows just what to say, when words fail me…and even though I love to write, they fail me a lot.

And sometimes, I just like to make unusual playlists. I think the art of the playlist—formerly, the art of the mixed tape—is something we’re losing in this day and age of ‘shuffle’ buttons on mp3 players and endless satellite radio station playback. Nowadays, a playlist has to have something special about it to make it worth the trouble. Well, here’s one of my newest creations:


It’s a common rhythm in music, found in many eras. Two close-together claps, a pause, then another clap. You can hear it in many songs. I’ve been slowly compiling a list of songs that have this popular beat. I encourage you to head over to iTunes and download these babies…the songs all tend to have a bouncy, upbeat feel, which is perfect for this miserable cold winter weather. Or, you can listen to the songs each on Youtube first…or, you can head over to my Grooveshark and just play the playlist right through. Here are the songs I’ve got so far; I heartily encourage you to send more my way if you find them.


Some of these don’t start off with the clap-clap…clap rhythm right away. Wait for it!

Enjoy your virtual mixed tape, friends. Try not to dance in your chair, I dare you.

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