Wednesday 18 December 2013

What Did the Fox Say?

I love everything about what you're about to see.

Many (MANY) of us follow a page on Facebook called "I F***ing Love Science". IFLS is awesome. They post pictures from various scientific news stories, usually with a caption, and provide a link to the original story. This is how I get my science learning done these days. Well, that and MJ, my BFF who happens to be science-crazy. So naturally, she posted this picture from IFLS on my Facebook wall yesterday:

I could only see a very small version on my phone, so I had no idea what the caption said. So when I finally read it, I thought it was pretty cool, but my imagination had already ran a hundred different directions with the whole thing. And my procrastination got a hold of it, and's what I made for MJ's amusement:

You'll notice here that I added shampoo sparkles.

You'll notice here that I forgot to get RID of the shampoo sparkles,
so now it's like there's some kind of fox magic happening or something.

You're welcome, internet.
I F*cking Love Science: responsible for the dissemination of enlightening scientific facts across the internet...
Jordan Danger: responsible for furthering the dumbening of the internet.

It gets better: make your own! Here's your template! Send them to me! jordandangerwrites (at) gmail (dot) com.

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