Monday 2 December 2013

There's a New Pup Place in Ottawa: The Dog Run Inc!

Ladies and gents, there’s a new hangout in town, and it’s just for those of us with fur-babies.

The Dog Run Inc is a brand new facility, owned and operated by Jennifer Schutz. This indoor doggy place offers day care, overnight boarding, and even three hours of open play time every evening. (Learn more further down.) There’s a little bit of everything happening, and the Run opened just in time for Ottawa’s grossest weather season. I asked Jen some questions about The Dog Run Inc; here are her heartfelt answers.

Where did you get the idea for The Dog Run?
I got the idea for The Dog Run on a cold night out with my dogs on a particularly nasty Ottawa winter night. I wanted a warm, safe place for my dogs to get their energy out and socialize without freezing in the process! I have also had a life long dream of opening a safe cage-free kennel and daycare for dogs since I lost a very loved childhood dog to distemper from a dirty kennel. Since that loss, I have had a passion for safe and nurturing dog care. 

What services do you offer?

We currently offer Doggie Daycare at $20 per day from 7am to 6pm. Our cage-free boarding service is $40 per day. And what’s great is that we are open 6-9PM Mondays to Saturdays for an indoor dog run which is set up with agility equipment and coffee for our clients to come in out of the cold and play with their dogs in a safe environment. [You can play for the whole three hours for just $5.00/dog, or buy a monthly pass.]
We will soon be offering dog grooming services, dog training classes and seminars on dog behaviours, agility training, etc. - all of these new services will be advertised on our facebook and twitter pages (and our website is coming soon).

Why is The Dog Run a special endeavour for you?
Dogs are my life. I have been a dog owner for as long as I can remember. I find that they bring me great companionship and unconditional love that really can't be found anywhere else.  For the last few years, along with owning my own beloved Emma, I have taken in foster dogs for Hopeful Hearts. I am very passionate about my dogs and love to help out with local dog rescues.

Why do people love the Dog Run so far?
When clients come to the Dog Run, they find a place where they feel like their dogs can just be dogs. Socialization is really important for pack animals and play time is crucial for owners who want happy, healthy animals. Our clients love The Dog Run because it is warm, inviting safe place to bring their dogs for daycare, boarding or even just for supervised play time where they can trust that I will always be striving to enrich their dogs stay. I do my best to play with each dog in a way that they need while they are in my care.

You’re a true DIY’er, Jen: building your very own business. Tell us about yourself and why you love this work.
I love my job because I get to wake up every morning and do something that I am so passionate about. I get to play all day. What could be better than that?

A little about me? Well, I am originally from a small town near North Bay, ON called Callander. For the last few years, I worked as a machine operator for a recycling plant, and volunteered as a foster parent for dogs. I decided  this summer that I wanted to pursue my passion for dogs full time and opened The Dog Run Inc. I have never enjoyed my career more and hope to continue to serve the dog owners of Ottawa for a long time to come!

Where to find The Dog Run Inc:
Join Corben and me and Jen anytime down at The Dog Run:

20 Gurdwara Road, Unit 19 in Nepean (Ottawa)
--nearest major intersection: Hunt Club West at Laser St. in behind Powersports World


  1. This is perfect. Me, my husband and our 2 dogs might be moving to Ottawa soon for his career. We found these great Ottawa condo rentals that we are going to check out next week. I was concerned I wasn't going to have anywhere to take the dogs to play but this is perfect. Thanks so much for sharing Jordan!

    1. Hey, glad to help, Lauren! Welcome to Ottawa!


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