Monday 28 April 2014

Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show: Spring 2014 was all about the frocks!

If you missed the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show this year, I'd like to torture you for a few minutes with what you missed.

The show was as big and grand as always. If you were looking for anything from costume jewellery to stunning vintage shoes, you were in the right place. The cold spring meant there was still a market for coats and furs, so it was not uncommon to see someone trying on a spring gown at the same time as they were purchasing a wool jacket.

The plethora of unusual hats this season was matched only by the skads of fabulous vintage wedding dresses. Lace, organza, and tulle in all shades of white were everywhere, and to my utter joy, numerous cool brides were trying them on. Likewise, anyone looking for an adorable prom dress that would not soon be forgotten was definitely in the right place.

I left with a kicky little orange 50s dress, and hesitated over a hand-stitched Ukrainian peasant blouse that I really wish I'd picked up. There's always something you regret not grabbing.

The show was packed as always, and the treasures were worth the occasional stray elbow to the ribs as men and women clamored for access to the racks. The cowboy shirts, alone, were enough reason for men to get in there and pillage the show.

All in all, this was another successful sale and I hope you'll all come to the next one in the fall. For those who were there with me, I do apologize if I elbowed you myself. A girl can't be held to blame for what she'll do for vintage fashion.

If you'd like to stay apprised of the Vintage Show's happenings, check them out on Facebook today!

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