Sunday 27 April 2014

Blog Out Loud Ottawa Makes Me Blush

So I totally am behind on a couple of stories I want to share, but last week I was eyeball deep in a big
written proposal so all my word count went to that. But meanwhile, Blog Out Loud Ottawa posted about me talking this week upcoming at the BOLO event, and their words were so incredibly awesome that I've left the window open all week just to keep rereading it. It's an amazing and gratifying feeling when you see someone else talk about something you've worked so hard on, and they totally GET what you've been trying to do. It's amazing, actually. I swear, this will be scrapbooked and maybe even read at my funeral one day.

Read their awesome 'about Jordan' here.

And come see me read out loud at the BOLO event on Tuesday night. It's free, it's in Ottawa, and there are about 15 other bloggers reading so if I don't amuse you, they might.

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