Monday 24 March 2014

Unicorn Fan Art: how I torture my little brother


Somehow in my life, and I'm not sure why or when, I became synonymous with 'unicorn fan'.

I think originally, on MY end of things, it was supposed to be sardonic. Over time, however, I get sent every unicorn meme on the internet. I also have a slowly growing collection of unicorn vinyl figurines from Tokidoki. I have this glorious unicorn clock I bought at a thrift store. Because it's so hideous. And it needed a home.

Anyway, that's part one. Part two is that my little brother, Mike, grew up and has turned into a really talented videogame artist. I don't know when this happened. I still remember him being twelve years old, curled up in his Crayola crayon comforter, blissfully unaware that I was hiding under his bed with a 1942 gas mask on and that I would, about thirty seconds later, leap out and make him scream like a high pitched dog whistle.

Mike is probably the best toy my parents ever gave me. There are many stories. He may not forgive me if I share.

Anyway, so part two is that Mike is an awesome artist and started sharing links to his portfolio art site with everyone on Facebook. But he's a dork and he does that self-effacing thing where he says, "Working on it...not sure I love it yet!" And that makes me crazy, and is a perfect opening for some big sister heckling. So I started by writing below his link previews on Facebook,

"It needs more unicorn."

When he ignored me, my demands became more persistent. I went through his facebook albums writing, "More unicorn." "Needs a unicorn." "Unicorn is missing." ...on everything he'd drawn.

He still ignored me.

So I saved a bunch of his drawings over to my iPad, and started adding the unicorns and posting them back to Facebook.

This is a unicorn photobombing an Asian landscape. I thought about calling it a uni-bomb, but that has other

Yeah. I'm the best big sister ever.

Anyway, he's just released some new drawings, but I haven't had time to deface them yet, so I just spent the morning commenting on one of them as new ideas came to mind.

For the grammar nazis, you can blame my 'smart' phone for the homonym there/their issue. Now shut up.

The truth is, I'm incredibly proud of my dorky little brother. He's still ten years old, dressed for Hallowe'en as Mr Fantastic with stretchy arms (thus unable to hold his candy or defend himself from my poking) in my eyes. But he's a really good drawer. He really does need more unicorns, though. I may not know much about videogames, but I know you can't ever go wrong with a horse with a sword in its head.

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