Saturday 15 March 2014

Craft Show Review: Urban Craft March 2014


Craft show season is upon us…were sweeter words ever uttered? I get so excited this time of year, I literally get goosebumps. I started off the season with a visit to Urban Craft, a show I haven’t had the luxury of hitting up in quite some time. Urban Craft used to be a monthly show held at the GCTC, but about a year ago they switched to quarterly shows held at the Glebe Community Centre. It’s a more user-friendly space (frankly, it’s my favourite building in the city for any sort of show) and the less-frequent shows mean less vendor burnout, I would guess.

The timing of the shows for the last several rounds was impossible for me this past year. There’s few things I hate worse than missing a craft show. So I was tickled when I found out that Urban Craft was on this Saturday. Unsure of what the new format would be like, I headed down hoping to find some lovely things.


Here were my favourite picks from the show this time ‘round:

AUNTIE LOO’S POP UP DINER: Auntie Loo’s, Ottawa’sbest-established vegan bakery, provides a pop-up diner at Urban Craft on a regular basis. This was my first time getting to see what they had to offer, and I was thrilled. Lunchtime meals like polenta & baked beans, and a stacked portobello mushroom sandwich were up for grabs; of course, they offered the usual array of sweet baked goods like their squares, cupcakes, and donuts, too. My sandwich was delicious, but the pizza bun I took home really stole the show. I had only one disappointment: I thought I’d bought a mint-chocolate brownie, and when I got home I realized I’d forgotten to order one. I had to console myself with one of their salted caramel chocolate donuts. Oh, the horror.

Schal makes scarves out of upcycled sweaters and fabrics. If you think scarf season is over, you’re likely not a Canadian reader. Also, I’m always cold and I wear scarves year-round. Regardless, Schal’s lovely pieces would dress up an evening outfit without taking away from your Little Black Dress or handsome suit, so I heartily recommend checking them out.

Maudstitch offers cross-stitch kits, with some really adorable modern-yet-vintage style patterns. I personally have no patience for tiny fine work like this, but you can also take home something pre-made; however, I’ve bookmarked them in my mind for MJ’s upcoming birthday, as she is a huge fan of that type of tiny crafting hobby.

Simply put, these guys offer upcycled wood items of all sorts—cutting boards, candle holders, even benches. I listened to the owner describing how he’d salvaged wood from an old church in Westboro, and I totally fell in love with the concept. The price point is high, but these are items to cherish. Hint: wedding gift season is upon us (God help us all).


Michael’s Dolce jam…I can’t say enough about these guys. They take jam to another level. I went home with a vanilla pear and a lavender blueberry. Literally and truly, the best jam I have found anywhere.

Mad Faux Cheese: these guys make nut-based cheeses that are vegan, but are so freakin’ delicious, even the non-vegans love them. Seriously, I know how bad vegan cheese can be…these guys have an outstanding product and you really must try it.

Urbanite Jewelry was of course there (they run and host these shows, after all); I adore their playful metal jewellery and they manage to keep things at a very affordable price point. As the kind of jewellery fanatic who likes to buy herself little prezzies on a regular basis, clever jewellers with good price points are some of my favourite things.

Urban Craft was a brilliant show this season and I am so glad I headed down. The Glebe offers lots of street parking and there’s supplemental shopping along the mainstreet, so it’s hard to go wrong. Be sure to head to the Facebook page and stay in touch for next time!

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