Saturday 21 September 2013

Cake Can Get You Pretty Far...

A conversation that Alan and I had while cleaning out his apartment and packing him up to move into my house:

JORDAN: Are we tossing this pan? [Holding up a bent, sorry-looking square tin baking pan]

ALAN: Errr....well, I guess we can.

JORDAN: Why the hesitation? It's a mess.

ALAN: That pan has been with me a long time.

JORDAN: And you're...sentimentally attached to it?

ALAN: Well, yeah...I've baked a lot of cakes in it.


ALAN: For girls. That pan got me a lot of...girls.

JORDAN: So this is basically your sex pan.

ALAN: Shhhhyeah. [Silly grin.]

JORDAN: You used to bake cakes for girls, and they'd put out.

ALAN: Yeah.

JORDAN: How good was the cake???

ALAN: I make great cake in that pan.

JORDAN lobs pan into garbage pile, then stands there in silence. A moment later, she fishes the pan out of the garbage and puts it into the packing box.

ALAN: We're keeping it?

JORDAN: Yes. I think I deserve sex cake, too.

ALAN: ...Okey dokey.

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