Tuesday 15 October 2013

Zombie Hallowe'en Invasion on Bank Street


This week, I met up with the Bank Street BIA and had a chat about a pretty cool Hallowe’en event they’re putting together. Hallowe’en is by far my favourite holiday, so I’m always looking for new fun things to do on the big day; this bit of fun runs during the day, so you can literally make your entire Hallowe’en into a spectacular!

The BIA is hosting a Zombie Invasion on Hallowe’en day, from 11-3pm. Head down to Bank Street between Wellington and Gladstone, and keep a watchful eye out for zombies…they’ll be prowling about, looking for fresh brains. But unlike your usual zombie experience, you don’t want to run away this time: try to stifle your fear and actually let the zombies get you. The pay-off: they’ll string a lanyard around your neck which will carry an electronic key. This key can be tested on three coffins at La Prep café on Bank Street, and if your key opens a coffin, you’ll be the winner of a $500, $1000, or $1500 shopping spree.

Cool, right? I’m particularly curious to see how people handle the zombies if they didn’t get the news brief before heading downtown. It should be a roaring good time!

I hope you’ll join me down in the Bank Street business area and enjoy the show. Come in costume, or just in your business suit, and partake in the fun!

Bank St BIA
Zombie Invasion
Hallowe’en Day
Wellington to Gladstone along Bank St

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