Saturday 5 October 2013

Soundwave Art: Bauss Makes Techie Art


Earlier this year I got word of a local company called Bauss. Bauss specializes in something called ‘biometric art’, which I keep describing as, ‘You can make your soundwaves into pretty picures.” Anyway, Bauss wanted me to see how I liked their concept, because it’s different than some of the other companies out there: you get to actually see what your piece is going to look like while you order it. I am probably the least techie young person you’ll ever meet, so I said I was happy to try out the site and be painfully honest about how hard or easy it was.

I’m telling you now: it was incredibly easy. So easy, even I could do it, and that’s saying something.

Probably the hardest part was deciding on a soundbyte to use. We don’t have wedding vows we wanted memorialized, or a special speech or some such thing. But what we did have was two pieces of footage in which each of our recently-deceased dogs were barking happily. With an extra email to Bauss for permission and instructions on emailing the second soundbyte, we were on our way.

Upload your sound file. (They support many different file types.)

Choose your colour palette. We have a lot of red in the house,
so it was an easy choice.

Choose a medium. We went with canvas, and it's a lovely deep
gallery style.

Choose your size, and add text if desired. (We went with blank.)

Production and shipping takes a few weeks, so plan accordingly. You'll get an update email when your package ships.

The end result is very pretty, and very subtle. Not all of us want a watercolour painting of our departed dog on the wall—it’s not my style, and it’ll be a while before looking at pictures of Mr Darcy makes me happy again—so this was a great way to commemorate the hounds. There’s a real sense of ‘life’ in the art, and I can visually see their voices raised in joyful chaos at the sight of an airplane (that’s Mr Darcy) and a happy howl (that’s Justice).

The price tag on these pieces isn’t small—you’re looking around 250.00 for a small piece like the one we have here—but for the right occasion, it’s worth every penny. Picture having your dad’s speech from your wedding day, or your baby’s first cry at birth, or an “I love you” from your partner who’s stationed overseas. Picture a large-sized piece in a boardroom or foyer, depicting the inaugural speech of a company’s founder. Our auditory memories are such powerful things; it’s pretty incredible when you can see them displayed in vibrant colour and shape.

You can follow Bauss on twitter and Facebook, and head overto their site to try out their DIY-style system.

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