Monday 28 October 2013

Bank Street Zombie Invasion: Update!

I wrote last week about the Bank Street BIA's zombie invasion that's happening this Hallowe'en 2013 day, from 11-3pm. We just did a little promo video for the event, so you can watch me get manhandled by zombies here:

(You also get to meet the puppy, recently renamed Corben, who proves to be of no protective use to me against a zombie attack.)

I met with the organizers of this event again today, and I'm more excited than ever. Aside from the zombies themselves wandering about, there's a number of other activities happening including a free photobooth, free makeovers by drag queens for the public, and even tarot card readings. Rain or shine, you're not going to want to miss this fun midday Hallowe'en fete.

Head over to the Bank St BIA blog for more.

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