Thursday 22 August 2013

Handmade Harvest invites you to the Food Show!

If you've read any of my blogs ever, you know about Handmade Harvest: Ottawa's loveliest craft show, hosted in the adorable town of Almonte just outside the city. This twice-yearly show is put on by two smart cookies, Emily and Colleen, and these two gals are up to more hijinx, with the announcement of their first-ever Harvest Food and Drink Show.

I asked Emily and Colleen a bit about the show...

1. Why did you want to put on this show?We wanted to do this show because over the years doing HH we've met so many awesome food vendors and wanted to offer them a new venue to showcase their talent. Also, we love food shows and Almonte doesn't have one!
  2. What will people get for the price of their admission?For the price of admission, guests get 10 sample tickets (a value of $5), entrance into a fabulous door prize donated by our sponsor Heirloom Cafe and access to 30+ amazing food vendors. Vendors will be setting their own sampling "price" depending on the size and value of their product. We'll also be showcasing some foodie experts including Heather Heagney author and blogger  3. What kinds of sampling can people expect? (Any hints?)Our vendors range from sweet and savoury, vegan and meat lovers, alcoholic and non alcoholic alike. We'll be sneak peeking our participating vendors on our Facebook page.
Recognizable names include West End Chiles, Equator Coffee Roasters, Harvey and Verns Old Fashioned Sodas, Ashton Brew Co, The Merry Dairy, Mad Faux Cheese...the list goes on!

Emily and Colleen have a knack for putting on great events. The Handmade Harvest craft shows are one of the only shows that I'll a) wait in line for, and b) never leave empty-handed. They've got a gift for choosing a pleasing array of vendors, and for finding some of the most talented artisans at a reasonable price range. I am certain that the Food  & Drink Show will offer a similarly satisfying experience.

So grab a friend and bring your appetite, and we'll see you at the Harvest Food & Drink Show this September 7th

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