Monday 14 July 2014

Following Girl, Crafted All Over the Internet

Some weeks I have a lot of time to blog on here, and some weeks I don't. Some of you crazy people may miss me from time to time. I realized this morning that I don't often tell you where else on the internet you can find me in a day. Here are some good places to start:


Of course, there's Capital Geek Girls. You can find me there pretty frequently. You can also watch our YouTube show, Two Girls Talking. We're currently trying to learn how to use iMovie to do some filming. We'll see if that results in fewer audio and camera issues. But they're kind of hilarious.

You can also find me waxing eloquent about marketing on Bikini Marketing. By day I'm a marketer and social media consultant, plus a part-time college prof in a business program, so have some neato things to say on this topic. And I'm never dry, as you well know.


If you haven't joined the Girl, Crafted Facebook page, I suggest you do. It's a good place to be reminded of posts that come out. After you 'like' the page, hover over the word 'like' until a drop-down menu appears, then click 'get notifications'. That way you'll always see my posts in your newsfeed. It'll be fun, I swear.

There's also my instagram, which I've been really enjoying lately. I post a lot of pictures there, many of my dog. He's cute so you'll like it, I swear.

Pinterest is my other big love. I grab a lot of recipes and inspirational stuff there.

And Twitter...well, I'm not the Tweeter I used to be, because it's gotten a bit boring on Twitter these days, but if you want to chat, I'm always up for some back and forth!

That's a good place to start. If you still can't get enough at me at that point, you may be a stalker.

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