Monday 3 February 2014

Embracing Winter: a craft show in the snow

It's winter in Ottawa (and apparently, most everywhere else this year), and a lot of people really like it
around here. I don't. But I do love any excuse for a craft show, and our friends at A Curious Shop have managed to work it so that winter-equals-crafts. I'm sold.

The For the Love of Winter art market will be happening this Saturday, February 8 2014, from 10-4 at the Knox Presbyterian Church (120 Lisgar Street). All the lovely vendors that you'll meet are listed here. If anyone is going to know how to round up the city's best handmade artisans, it's these girls. Here's their adorable writeup on the Winterlude Calendar, as this event is officially part of our city's winter festival:

Come in out of the wintery,
Be warmed by hospitality.
Take in all the artistry,
And enjoy all the pageantry.

We'll treat you gastronomically,
And read you astrologically,
We'll have jewellery to gadgetry,
All of it a pleasantry.

Meet thirty crafters, locally,
And do some shopping ethically.
The independent industry
Will thank you all so earnestly!

For the love of all things handmade,

It's For the Love of Winter!

Can't argue with that. Head on down, bundle up and grab a cocoa, and find something for yourself or your sweetheart. This is one lovely way to embrace the winter's last hurrah.

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