Tuesday 30 April 2013

"I'm blogging this" isn't a joke in my world...

Sometimes my favourite part of my day is my conversations with my closest peeps. Because they get me, and they laugh when I'm being hilarious, which I often think I am. Also, I threw in some pictures I've been snapping that I haven't gotten to share yet. You're welcome.

Creepy doll at an antique store that
I found and immediately texted to MJ.
Because what are BFF's for.


Me: When I die, I wanna go out doing something that no one else is doing.

Jai: Like flossing?

Me: No.

Jai: Voting?


Me: We could rig one of those wench systems.

Alan: I'm not sure about a wench system but we could do a winch system.

Me: Ahahaha, right.

Alan: I need my phone right now to put that on Facebook.

Me: No. You're horrible.

Alan: Me?! You're the one who believes women should have rights, and now you're using them as pullies.

Who knew Spy Vs Spy rocked such a sexy look
in the springtime?
See also: Star Wars Battledroids.


Jordan Danger
So apparently Target labeled a plus-size piece of clothing 'manatee grey'. Ohhhhh the lady bloggers.

I heard, and everyone promptly lost their shit.

Jordan Danger
Honestly, I think it was a) a mistake or b) a programmer/writer who thought they'd sneak it in.

I can't see Target knowingly enraging that big a portion of the demographic. And I mean, Manatee's are grey, so there's that.

Jordan Danger
They say it's a seasonal thing. It's called heather in the winter, manatee in the summer, something like that.

lol I didn't know manatees had a season.

Jordan Danger
Well, they're a summer animal.

They are?

Jordan Danger
Florida. Anyway, I get it. If I had a sweater to sell year round I would call it 'sea foam' in the summer and 'icicle' in the winter.

See, If I had to think of a summer animal I would choose an Otter or a Timon... I can't remember what they are.

Jordan Danger
lol just random animal names, then.

I think a summer name would still be good in the winter because it would make people think of warmer times. Like cherry blossoms or miami blue. But as I understand it those are not colours to wear in winter anyways...unless you have my savvy fashion sense, lol; then you wear it all at once. With a jaunty hat and bow tie.

Ultimately though I guess choosing an animal of an immense size was not a great business decision for a plus sized line. Elephants and whales can be grey too. Both bad choices.

Hippo Brown

Brontosaurus green

All bad choices.

Jordan Danger
I'm trying so hard not to laugh out loud right now. I don't think they used the name just on plus sizes. It's not like the other one made for skinny girls was called skeletal grey or anything.

Well that's a horse of a different colour, then.

Jordan Danger
A manatee-coloured horse?

That would be a grey horse. A horsatee? Manatorse.

Jordan Danger

If a person painted a room manatee grey, I wouldn't think it was a reflection of their build.

Jordan Danger
They SHOULD just start making up crazy colour names that don't exist.
What colour is this blouse? It's indinurple.


Jordan Danger
I think i'm blogging this dialogue.
you probably should.

This is supposed to tell you that snow and ice fall
off the roof here. Me, I say it warns you of spike-
drooling alligators.

I came home to find these Domo characters in a standoff
with my Tokidoki, who was apparently mocking them
from atop a table. Clearly Bruce the Roommate was
trying to communicate something to me.

We tweaked the scene slightly.

Also, Bruce shaved his poor cat for the spring, but did a
terrible job, so I put him in Mr Darcy's raincoat. He is
SOOOO impressed.
My dad with one of his puppies. The apple doesn't
fall far from the tree.

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