Monday 15 April 2013

Business, Crafted: Stroked Ego for the dapper man!

Girl, Crafted is all about crafting life for yourself, and who better knows about that concept than an independent business owner? I love to talk with and learn about local businesses and artisans, and so I'm pleased to be launching the first Business, Crafted spotlight post; and even better, it's with one of my favourite shops--StrokedEgo.

The video shows my interview with Kevin, as well as a killer tie tying tutorial at minute 7:58 and a shaving product demo at minute 2:24 that'll make you purr, it looks so luxurious. (I'm seriously debating if If want to start using this stuff on my legs, boar hair brush and all.)

Stroked Ego, located on Bank Street in Ottawa's Centretown area, is the shop for discerning
gentlemen. Specializing in personal care products, accessories, and apparel, Stroked Ego is my go-to shop for any important male milestone--and occasionally, a female milestone for my more 'tomboy' lady friends. You'd be hard pressed to send a fella into this shop and not have him come out looking dapper and chic. Gone are the days of a baseball cap and jersey being acceptable casual wear; men are taking better care of themselves and working harder on their appearance. Likewise, a shift in formal wear is happening, with men trying to add a flash of personalization to office attire--a fashion wasteland that has barely changed in generations.

Oh, and the cufflinks...soooo many cool cufflinks.

Kevin Martin, co-owner of Stroked Ego, was kind enough to show us around the shop. They opened their doors in 2010, and quickly gained notoriety, most particularly for their underwear. While I have little to no understanding of men's underthings, I do appreciate it when a man is in something more impressive than a pair of heather grey Fruit of the Looms. Having a few swank pairs of boxer briefs seems like a basic necessity, though; your private parts are precious, afterall, and why not take some pride in them.

We got a little carried away in our interview with Kevin, and had such a swell time that, aside from the spotlight post above, we also made a short video tutorial with just Kevin teaching us thePratt tie knot; as well, there's a minute-long 'tour' of the shop you can see, too.

Thanks to Stroked Ego for having us in! You can check out their website (with online store, to boot) and also follow them on Facebook and Twitter

(Follow Girl, Crafted on Facebook and Twitter while you're at it, eh?)

Extra note: Stroked Ego is hosting a simultaneous ladies-only party in tandem with the Capital Geek Girls Ladies' Night (Apr 21 '13)...making them the coolest shop on the block. Learn more on the Ladies Night event page

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