Thursday 24 October 2013

Love Our Muffin Top: bringing chicks back to flicks!

Go to the Kickstarter page here.
This post is about a really incredible chick flick that's coming out called Muffin Top. And this little indie-film-that-could needs your support via their Kickstarter campaign to get out in the theatres. But let me give you the back story after I talk about the movie. (It's a good story.)


So long story short, I started helping out with a movie called Muffin Top, directed by one of my favourite female authors. 

I started out helping Cathryn Michon because I love Cathryn, and I'd wholly support any project this woman comes up with. But then I got to watch an advance screening of the film, and I actually fell in love with the film itself. Muffin Top is a rom-com about a woman whose husband walks out, leaving her bloated and hormonal from the fertility treatments she'd been taking. Cathryn stars in the film and is absolutely hilarious; her scene on the surgical table where she's high and harassing the doctor literally had me in tears. And there's a nice...visual specimen...named Michael Hawley who added a pleasing aspect to the film. 
Head to the Kickstarter here.

But if you're a big-name chaser, you can also enjoy appearances by Diedrich Bader, Haylie Duff, Melissa Peterman, Gary Anthony Williams, and David Arquette.

What's really cool about this film, though, is the female power contingent. Cathryn has a dream of bringing 'chicks back to flicks', as the box office is saturated with testosterone-fueled big-budget action movies with buff men in the lead roles, and waifish bondage-gear-clad women in the background. So the Muffin Top movie actually has a record-breaking number of women working behind the camera, in front of the camera, and even on the soundtrack; in fact, this is the first all-female soundtrack ever. Insane, right?

So I'm excited to be a part of this project. And I'd like to invite you all to contribute to the Kickstarter campaign. These funds will support Cathryn and her team in distributing the film via a theatre tour, while those of us unlucky enough to be in a city without a showing will be able to watch it on our local 'on demand' movie services.
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This is more than a movie, people: it's a movement. Muffin Top is giving the power to the people, to let us decide our own entertainment fate. Together we can help send a message to Hollywood: bring women back into the film industry at every level! Give us good movies, and relateable female characters! And YES, a female cast can carry a movie!

Whether you're familiar with Cathryn Michon's books or not, I invite you to fall in love with her (all over again) in Muffin Top. Help spread the word, donate if you can, and get ready to watch a really sweet, smart film. 


Many years ago, I was at the bookstore looking for something funny to read. I happened to pick up this little green-and-pink covered book called The Grrl Genius Guide to Life, by one Cathryn Michon. I read the book cover to cover; then I read it again. And again. And again.

That little book actually changed my life. It was funny, but it also had pearls of wisdom in it. Cathryn Michon had managed to write this little book about how to be a happier, more self-accepting woman. I started giving copies out to friends, to counselling clients, to anyone who needed it. The Guide to Life singlehandedly helped me embrace the idea that I can be girly (grrly) and still achieve greatness. It was a good purchase.

A few months back, I went to grab my copy for a reread, and realized I had given away my last copy. Saddened, I sent a simple tweet out to the universe, sharing my pain.

And a strange thing happened: Cathryn Michon tweeted back.

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She said she'd send me another copy. Sure, I thought; surrrre, the actual bestselling Cathryn Michon is offering to send me a book. Har har. This twitter account had a typical headshot of Cathryn, and about 70 followers. There was no way this was the real Cathryn.

But then we got talking, and sure enough, the book arrived. Also, Cathryn asked for some pointers on how to be a bigger genius on twitter. We skyped and I gave her my best tips. Then I basically walked around on a high for several days: one of my all-time favourite authors had called me.

A few months later, I checked in with Cathryn and she told me she was ready to go live with a film she'd directed—a film called MuffinTop. She asked if I'd help with the social media and I said of course. And here we are, on the verge of a film revolution. Join us, won't you?

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